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Anti-Ligature Taps

  • Anti-ligature and/or vandal-resistant Tap Spouts & Shower Heads.
  • Ideal for Custodial/Mental Health applications as well as Public/Commercial applications where vandalism might be a risk.

  • Panel Mounted Models
  • Anti-Ligature Tap Spouts and Anti-Ligature Shower Heads

    Made from brass with a nickel plated finish.
    Suitable for water pressures – Minimum: 0.5 bar, Maximum: 6.0 bar.
    Spray angle 25º.
    Integral water flow regulator – 6 Lpm for spout, 8 Lpm for shower head.
    Anti-rotation plate prevents people moving/rotating the spout once it has been fitted.

    Panel Mounted Version 
    (suitable for panels up to 40mm thick)

    Order code 
    ALBS-PM Basin Spout
    ALSH-PM Shower Head


    Vandal Resistant  Stainless Steel Tap Spout

    Panel Mounted
    Order Code: VRTS-PM Tap Spout


    Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Bath Spout

    Panel Mounted
    Order Code: VRBS-PM Bath Spout

    Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Tap Spout

    Panel Mounted
    Order Code: VRBS(Tap)-PM
    Complete with 5Lpm Flow regulator



    Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Shower Head

    Panel Mounted
    Order Code:VRSH-PM Shower Head

  • Ceiling Mounted Model

    Anti-Ligature Shower Head 

    Ceiling Mounted
    Order Code:
    ALCMSH-PM Shower Head


    Use our TPTS model remote tap sensor kit to provide 'No-Touch' sensor operated (or optional touch activated) control of the water flow through the spout.

  • Deck/Basin Mounted Model
  • Anti-Ligature Stainless Steel Basin Spout

    Order Code: ALN-DM V2

    Please note ALN-DM is being phased out and being replaced by V2 as shown below:

    Use our Anti-Ligature "TPTS" model remote "No-Touch" Sensors or electronic Touchpad Switches to control the water flow to these spouts.


  • Temperature Blending Valve (Manually Adjustable)
  • In public areas using a TMV2/3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (set at 40ºC approx.) is considered suitable to provide safe pre-mixed warm water to an appliance (tap, shower etc). The temperature is not adjustable by the public, only by the building manager.


    If however you want to offer your customer the ability to manually adjust the temperature of the water between say 40ºC and cold, then this robust & tamper proof Temperature Blending Valve should be used (NB: We would strongly recommend that you also use a Thermostatic Mixing Valve to safely control the maximum water temperature into the Temperature Blending Valve). We can also supply TMV3 Mixing Valves.

    This is not an on/off control. It is a device for manually changing the water temperature.



    Order Code TBV/ADJ/22

    For 1.5mm – 22mm wall thickness.

    Fixing ¾" BSP.
    (28mm Ø clearance drill hole)


    Order Code TBV/ADJ/180

    For up to 180mm wall thickness.

    Fixing ¾" BSP.
    (28mm Ø clearance drill hole)


    Order Code TBV/ADJ/280

    For up to 280mm wall thickness.

    Fixing ¾" BSP.
    (28mm Ø clearance drill hole)

    Typical Installation: Plumbing guidelines for Shower using Temperature Blending Valve

    The products we supply are on the Qualified Water Technology List and / or WRAS approved where you see these symbols.