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Water Flow Regulators

• Up to 70% Water Savings at Taps, Showers etc
• Helps comply with The Code For Sustainable Homes
Can help you achieve BREEAM Wat 1 credits

  • Application
  • Taps, showers & baths etc supplied by water with a minimum pressure of approx. 1 Bar (i.e. pumped/mains water supply, or gravity fed tall buildings).

  • Function
  • Point of use regulators designed to provide constant and maximum flow rates at taps and showers etc. irrespective of changes in demand or water pressure fluctuations between 1–10 Bar.

  • Benefits
  • • Large water savings and also by reducing the amount of hot used you can achieve large energy savings
    • Even water distribution throughout the site, even at peak demand periods
    • Lower capital costs (potential savings from smaller pipework, water heating systems etc.)
    • Reduced "peak demand"
    • Ideal for retro-fit or new build projects
    • Low cost solution. Payback often within months
    • Help reduce "back splash" at basins

  • Combined Isolating Valve and Flow Regulator


    Order Code: RP/ACC Valve

    With access port on side of valve to allow removal of flow regulator cartridge (and optional strainer) without draining down system or breaking pipework (picture: opposite), for the purpose of flushing out the system on commisioning or changing the flow regulator cartridge to a higher or lower flow rate as required.

    Available in 15mm or 22mm sizes and comes with colour coded cap to show the flow rate the valve is set to. Flow rates and colourcoding for both sizes are:

    2.5 Lpm Lime Green
    4 Lpm Pink
    6 Lpm Grey
    8 Lpm White
    10 Lpm Yellow
    12 Lpm Brown
    15 Lpm Blue
    18 Lpm Green

    Optional strainer available upon request. Red and/or blue handles for the valves available on request.





    Order Code: 15mm RP/ISO

    15mm combined flow regulating & isolating valve with integral flow regulator. Optional handle available on request. Optional strainer available on request.

    Flow rates from any of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 Lpm.

    4 Lpm Grey
    5 Lpm Yellow
    6 Lpm Black
    8 Lpm White
    10 Lpm Blue
    12 Lpm Red
    15 Lpm Green



    Flow Regulator Insert
    Order Code: RP/GA

    Circular flow regulator insert (only) for your own valves. Simply fit in to the tap/appliance side of your own compression ended valve.

    Flow rates for 15mm 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 Lpm.

    4 Lpm Pink
    6 Lpm Grey
    8 Lpm White
    10 Lpm Yellow
    12 Lpm Brown
    15 Lpm Blue
    18 Lpm Green 

    Flow rates for 22mm 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 Lpm.

    8 Lpm Black
    10 Lpm White
    12 Lpm Orange
    15 Lpm Lilac
    18 Lpm Brown 



    Combined Aerator & Flow Regulator
    Order Code: RP/CAAFR

    Aerators add air into the water as it leaves the tap in order to help reduce splashing when water hits the basin.

    No plumbing required to fit. Simply replace existing tap aerator with this unit.

    Flow rates/colour-coding as follows:

    1.9 Lpm Lime Green
    3.8 Lpm Blue
    5 Lpm Orange
    6 Lpm Black
    8 Lpm White




    Combined CARE Insert (flow straightener) and Flow Regulator
    Order Code: RP/CARE

    Mainly used for medical applications as the laminar flow does not aspirate air into the water. No plumbing required to fit. Simply replace existing tap aerator with this fitting. Flow rates as combined Aerator and Flow Regulator (above).




    Combined Spray and Flow Regulator
    Order Code: RP/SPRAY

    Mainly used for applications where very low water consumption is required. Pressure compensating from 0.8 Bar– 5 Bar. No plumbing required to fit. Simply replace existing tap aerator with this fitting.

    Flow rates/colour-coding as follows:

    1.7 Lpm Light Grey
    2 Lpm Dark Grey
    2.5 Lpm Green
    3 Lpm Lilac
    3.5 Lpm Dark Blue
    4 Lpm Pink
    5 Lpm Orange




    ½" Shower Flow Regulator
    Order Code: RP/SFR/DW

    Ideally fit this unit at the thermostatic mixing valve end of the fexi-hose. If fixed head shower, unscrew the showerhead, screw the flow regulator in and then re-fit the shower head. No plumbing required to it.

    Flow rates/colour-coding as follows:

    4 Lpm Grey
    6 Lpm Black
    8 Lpm White
    9 Lpm Orange
    10 Lpm Blue
    12 Lpm Red
    15 Lpm Lime Green



    ½" MxF Chrome Tap Tail/Mixer & Flow Regulator 
    Order Code: RP/DWSA/TTFR

    Simply screw on to ½" inlet pipe thread to an appliance.

    Flow rates/colour-coding as follows:

    1.4 Lpm Brown
    1.9 Lpm Yellow
    2.5 Lpm Orange
    3.5 Lpm Red-Brown
    5 Lpm Violet
    6 Lpm Pink
    7 Lpm Green
    8 Lpm Red
    9 Lpm Lilac
    10 Lpm Black
    12 Lpm White 


    The products we supply are on the Qualified Water Technology List and / or WRAS approved where you see these symbols.