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“May I say it has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and thank you for the help and support you`ve given me over the past 5 years that I`ve worked with Carillion and the past 3 years that I`ve worked at Unilever House”. 
DW - Planned Maintenance Engineering

Yet again thanks for your prompt service.”
CA - Princess Alexandra Hospital

“I love the sensor WC Flush & Sensor Urinal Flush kits to bits. I am quite surprised how much better the toilets smell now that we have the sensor urinal flushvales fitted and I do not know of any blockages since the WC units were fitted even though we are using about 50% less water.”
AH - Rosser & Russell

“The equipment works well and it is really nice that you take a personal interest in customer satisfaction”
NG - Times Square Shopping Centre

“We have successfully completed the toilets within Block A at IBM North Harbour so thanks for all your help.”
JW - Brenmar Ltd

“Thank you for your follow up and as far as I am aware the customer (Waterloo Railway Station) is very pleased with both the physical appearance of the sensor taps and the water savings that they have made.”
SR - May Gurney

“Thanks a lot for your after sales service. It is very much appreciated”.
VD - Devlin Bros

“We have fitted the sensor taps and they are working very well. I am planning to refurbish more toilets so will be back in touch with you for a further order.”
ML - British Geological Survey

“I`ve only got praise for your products and would recommend them to anyone wishing to save water and adhere to the Carbon Trust.”
AK - Planned Maintenance Engineering

“The sensor tap looks great above our minimal stone slab and I am sure our clients will want the same look.”
MS - Richard Mitzman Architects

“Thank you for your help. It is always nice to do business with your company, you are so helpful. If only all companies were so helpful and efficient the world would be a nicer place. You have a great range of products and I wish you luck with them.”
NE - Syntonic Construction

“Many thanks to you and your staff for an excellent service”
MP - MP Design