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Limescale Control

Controlling limescale with Hydroflow

  • Effective on all types of pipework
  • Maintenance Free - just fit and forget
  • Easy to Install - no plumbing or chemicals required. Ideal for both new build and retro fit projects

The Problem

Limescale builds up in heat exchangers, pipes, pumps, boilers and appliances connected to the system. This usually results in reduced flow rates, loss of efficiency and early failure of components.

Just 2mm of encrusting limescale adds approx 20% to your heating bills. Get rid of limescale and reduce your energy bills.

The Solution

Hydroflow not only prevents the build-up of encrusting limescale in plumbing systems, but it also helps remove encrusting limescale. Thus Hydroflow:

  • Saves energy and reduces heating costs.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and "downtime".
  • Prolongs the life of plumbing and heating equipment

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