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Water Shut Off Valves

Proximity Detection Water Shut-Off Valves



Can help you achieve BREEAM Wat 4 credits

The Problem:

Faulty WC appliances or taps & showers (+ lights etc.) deliberately left on when a washroom is empty are not only an expensive waste of water and energy but also pose a possible risk of damage from flooding.

The Solution:

A PIR switch is used to control the water supply (+ lights etc.) into a room. When the PIR switch detects that the room is occupied, it will automatically turn the water supply (+ lights etc.) "ON" so that the appliances work as normal.

Once the washroom has been unoccupied for a pre-set but adjustable time, the system will automatically turn the water supply (+ lights etc.) "OFF" again, thus saving water if the taps are prone to leak, or are deliberately left on. As such it is ideal in commercial buildings with public toilets (eg: Office Blocks, Hotel Rooms etc.) or where there is a risk of vandalism (eg: Municipal Public Toilets,Universities,Military Barracks etc.)

This system can also be used to control special indoor water features (eg: Fountains etc.) that you only want to operate when the room is occupied.

Product Details

PIR Switch (click here to view PIR switches)

230V standard (optional 24V on request).

C/W: Adjustable "Valve Open" overrun time from 10 seconds to 40 minutes – this is the amount of time that the valve(s) will remain open after the last time the PIR detects someone.

C/W: Adjustable photocell. Can be set to inactive.

Single PIR can control several valves, or several PIRs can be wired in parallel to control the same load.

"Normally Closed" Solenoid Valves

Pilot Operated Normally Closed Solenoid Valves

Rated up to 10 bar

Pilot Operated Normally Closed Solenoid Valves

Order Codes:

½" 230v/NC/HP Valve
¾" 230v/NC/HP Valve
1"   230v/NC/HP Valve
1¼" 230v/NC/HP Valve
1½" 230v/NC/HP Valve
2" 230v/NC/HP Valve

Minimum pressure differential required to operate:

½", ¾" and 1" require 0.35 bar

1¼", 1½" and 2" require 0.5 bar

Temperature up to 80ºC

Power Absorption: Pilot Operated HP Valves

For valve sizes ½", ¾" & 1"

Inrush: 12 va 
Holding: 6 va
DC: 5.5W 

For valve sizes 1¼", 1½" & 2"

Inrush: 23 va 
Holding: 14 va
DC: 9W

Direct Acting Zero Rated Normally Closed Solenoid Valves

Order Codes:

½" 230v/NC/LP Valve
¾" 230v/NC/LP Valve
1" 230v/NC/LP Valve 
1¼" 230v/NC/LP Valve
1½" 230v/NC/LP Valve
2" 230v/NC/LP Valve

0 Bar – 10 Bar (AC Coils) for ½" to 1".
0 Bar – 3 Bar (DC Coils) for ½" to 1".

0 Bar – 7 Bar (AC Coils) for 1¼" to 2”.
0 Bar – 5 Bar (DC Coils) for 1¼" to 2”.

For larger size valves please contact us.

Power Absorption: Direct Acting LP Valves

For valve sizes ½" & ¾"

Inrush: 44 va 
Holding: 24 va
c.c (W): 13

For valve size 1"

Inrush: 65 va 
Holding: 33 va
c.c (W): 17

  • Optional 24v Valve available on request (please specify AC or DC).
  • Optional valves with manual override available. Must be specified at time of order.
  • For larger pipe sizes we offer actuator operated butterfly valves. Please call to discuss.
  • Optional "Normally Open" valves also available on request (need to be controlled by remote switch rather than PIR).


It is strongly recommended that you fit an in-line strainer immediately prior to each valve to prevent gunge getting into the valve and causing it to fail.