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PIR Urinal Controls

Traditional Problem:

Uncontrolled banks of urinals are continually wasting water by flushing all day and all night 365 days per year ... even when the building is empty! A single 9 litre cistern flushing at a typical rate of 4 times per hour will consume 315,000 litres of water every year, most of which is totally wasted and at a cost of about £630 per year based on average water & sewerage charge of £2 per cubic metre

The Solution (and water savings of up to 90%):

A passive Infra Red (PIR) Sensor fitted near the urinals is wired to a solenoid valve, which in turn controls the water flow to the cistern feeding the range of urinal bowls. Flushing now only occurs after the urinals have been used (and you can regulate the maximum number of times per hour the urinals will flush when the Gents are busy). This creates huge water savings by ensuring water is not wasted during quiet periods, nights, weekends etc. If your water supply is metered then any water savings equate to financial savings.

Automatic "Hygiene Flush":

Once every 12 hours when the urinals are not in use for long periods to help prevent traps drying out etc.

CEILING RECESSED PIR - Ideal for new projects or where vandalism might be a risk.

White ABS Recessed PIR Kit

128 x 75 x 85mm

Mains powered kit
Order code DLM

Battery powered kit
Order code DLB

White ABS Recessed PIR Kit

80 x 80 x 50mm

Mains powered kit
Order code PDLM

Battery powered kit
Order code PDLB


Surface Mounted PIR Kit 

120mm x 100mm x 45mm

Available in white ABS box

Mains powered kit
Order code FMM

Battery powered kit
Order code FMB

Timed Hygiene Flush

Mains powered kit
Order Code THF-M

Battery powered kit
Order Code THF-B

No PIR. Dimensions same as ABS box opposite. Timer allows you to set from one flush per hour, up to one flush per 12 hour period.

Each kic c/w: WRAS approved 15mm solenoid valve, PIR sensor & adjustable time controls. Battery powered units come with long life battery pack. Mains powered units come with separate transformer unit (to be wired to 3A fused spur). Low pressure solenoid valve available on request